Dr. Heather MacKenzie

Reaching and Teaching Children with Autism and other Special Needs


Welcome to a positive outlook on children with special needs

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I’ve never met a child with autism who didn’t want to learn. We just have to figure out what it important and meaningful to him and present it in ways that make sense to him.

My main goal is to help other people recognize that each child with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has learning preferences and strengths. I believe we need to get away from looking at people with ASD as disabled, disordered, impaired, less able or whatever term you have heard or use. If we nurture each child’s preferences and strengths, we can optimize his learning. We can give him the best chance to use his abilities and interests to improve his future. My next goal is to help children with ASD learn to modulate and modify their own behavior, thinking and emotions appropriately. That is, they learn to self-regulate. They don’t just rely on other people to tell them over and over what to do, when and where. I’ve learned a great deal over the years in working with children with ASD and I know they are capable of so much more independence and decision-making in their lives. You’ll find that the books I wrote and the other materials I developed reflect these goals. Have a look at the range of things we offer in our Catalog of Products and Services (be sure to turn up the volume to get full effect) or check out each topic below:





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