Dr. Heather MacKenzie

Reaching and Teaching Children with Autism and other Special Needs


10 tips for reading to children

  1. Practice the storybook before reading to the child.  The more fluent you are, the more readily you can deal effectively with interruptions and interjections from the child.
  2. Find a quiet place to read so that you and the child are distracted as little as possible.
  3. Keep the storybook visible to the child as you read.  Keep the book at about your chest height facing the child and make sure you don’t bob the book around too much as you read.
  4. Start reading with the book cover.  Point out and read the title and author.  It is good for the child to know that the book has a name and that someone wrote it.
  5. Read with expression but don’t ham it up too much.
  6. Be enthusiastic and supportive to the child.
  7. Be patient with the child and avoid disciplining him/her during story-time.
  8. Include some giggles and lots of praise.
  9. Point out things the child knows or has experienced.
  10. Enjoy yourself!
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