Dr. Heather MacKenzie

Reaching and Teaching Children with Autism and other Special Needs


Book me for conferences and workshops

Book me for conferences and workshops

I offer workshops on a number of different topics. Typically, they include:
  • Reaching Children with Autism
  • Introduction to spark*
  • Helping your child learn self-regulation in everyday life
  • Enhancing Development with Storybooks

We are always happy to fashion workshops around your needs.

Dr MacKenzie’s straight-forward, humorous presentation style keeps your attention all day. This isn’t something you learn about then leave. There’s practical advice here that you can use very easily at home or at school from day one. That’s why AuKids magazine loves it, and that’s why we decided to sponsor this training” – Debby Elley, Director of AuKids Ltd.

NOTE: spark* and spark*EL workshops will be offered in later spring 2015 for people wishing to become Registered Providers or  Certified Practitioners. Find more here: spark Training Options.

See the descriptions below.

LPS workshop one day

spark for professionals

spark for parentsstorybook intervention one day












Please feel free to contact me directly.

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