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Reaching and Teaching Children with Autism and other Special Needs


One Story at a time

Using the magic of storybooks to enhance development in children with learning challenges

One Story at a time

Heather MacKenzie Paperback: $19.95 Prices subject to change. 2009, 215.9mm x 279.4mm / 8.5in x 11in, 135pp ISBN: 978-0-9684466-1-4

“This book is an in-depth but practical guide to selecting and using storybooks with the special needs population.  The text takes you through a methodical step process that will ensure the most successful selection of reading materials that should interest your child.” – Karen, Duff, M.A., Speech-Language Pathologist, Victoria, B.C., Canada

“All educators, including those who teach children with typical development, could use the information in One Story at a Time as a teaching tool.” – Radieh Abdallah, B.A.C.S., Early Childhood Educator, Calgary, AB, Canada

“Very engaging .. (the reader) is guided through shared storybook reading and is given all that is needed to get started right away.” – Allison Waks, M.A., Registered Psychologist, Calgary, AB, Canada

ONE STORY at a Time is a manual for therapists, teachers and other professionals who want to get the most out of storybooks as a medium for enhancing development in children with special needs. This practical and easy-to-read book provides information about how to read, goal setting, book selection, reading strategies and evaluation of progress. The formats, simple decision trees and photocopiable forms can be used to foster your important relationship with children. ONE STORY at a Time is unique in a number of important ways because it:

  • focuses on a fuller range of developmental areas, including cognitive, social, behavioral, language, communication and academic.
  • emphasizes the establishment and maintenance of the dynamic interaction among the storybook, adult and child.
  • introduces the concept of book levels for determining which books to use and in what order.
  • highlights reading style, reading strategies and ways of monitoring their use.



  1. The Power of Storybooks
  2. Learning with Storybooks
  3. Selecting Storybooks
  4. Planning with Storybooks
  5. Reading Storybooks
  6. Materials and Activities
  7. Evaluating Progress
  8. Final Thoughts



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Be sure to check out the storybook planning examples. Each includes goals, key vocabulary, phrases and sentences and materials and resources to support the use of each storybook.   Just follow this link.

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